Thursday, July 12, 2012

To New beginings

After six months of pondering what is next in life now that our Great Loop journey has ended. Andrew and I found  a house with a dock in the back yard. We are close enough to walk to the Gulf of Mexico and watch as many sunsets as we would like! We are still on the hunt for our next boat while continuing to enjoy our boat. The cruising bug has a hold of us and we will plan shorter trips and adventures in the St. Petersburg area for the next year. Sabastian and Paisley are enjoying swim team and are ready for fall Co-op classes to begin again.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Treasure Island to Terra Ceia Bay to St Petersburg City dock and back to TI

Inconceivable, Lady Enna, Sea Mist and Incognito rafted together again to celebrate St. Patty's Day!

The fifth boat, an Island Packet, apart of our anchor out.

Paisley, Sabastian and Nicholas

Caesar aboard Lady Enna

Eileen, Sabastian and Paisley

St Patty's Day treats made by Paisley and Eileen

Sheppard Pie

yummy gluten free rolls

gorgeous sunset

Sabastian was our dingy driver for the night. He is really enjoying driving the Revenge! 

Sabastian and Nicholas having some fun with the dinghies.

Eileen and Paisley having fun.

Nicholas and Paisley, aboard Baby Enna, are heading out to explore the Mangrove area around the Sister Keys. Andrew and I also did some exploring aboard the Revenge.

The beautiful grassy flats.

We left the anchorage on March 18 and headed north to the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina.

The Acura Yacht Club for The Honda Grand Prix

The straightaway between turn 10 and 11

The Dali Museum

Inconceivable on Dock F

Paisley, Eileen, Nicholas and Sabastian enjoying the States Parade. The kids had fun collecting necklaces and candy as well as cheering on the race car drivers in the parade. 

Saturday we had some friends over. Andrew took Sabastian, Paisley, Isabel and Isiah out for a dinghy ride.  We all walked down to the end of Demens Landing Park for a better view of the race between turns 9 and 10.


We all had fun playing in the Banyan trees.

Sunday we headed over to Lady Enna for some race day fun.

The camera crew at turn 9.

St. Pete night view.

Sunrise over Tampa on March 26th. It was time for us to head back to Treasure Island. All the mega yachts were leaving as well. It was another gorgeous day to be on the water.